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The Project Success Toolkit is an add-on for Microsoft Project 2013/2016/2019 that enhances the core scheduling functionality and allows the user to follow the Project Success Method by enabling critical path and duration-based scheduling.

The Project Success Toolkit includes the following features:

  • Calculate Schedule – runs forward and backward pass calculations and validates schedule logic (checks for Out-of-Sequence activities, Unconnected Activities, etc).
  • Assign and Update Resources – supports all three Resource types (Work, Material and Cost).
  • Update Tasks – capability to update tasks using Estimated Finish dates or Remaining Duration instead of Percent Complete.
  • Driving Path – Allows the user to find the “Critical Path” to any activity in the entire project.
  • Extract & Dissolve  — When an activity’s deleted, its predecessors have nowhere to link to.  Using the toolkit’s “Extract” function causes the activity’s predecessor(s) to be linked to its successor(s) but leaves it available for repositioning.  The “Dissolve” function works similarly, but deletes the activity.
  • Group & Sort – capability to Group and Sort activities within one tool, and automatically apply page breaks.
  • Pre-formatted Task and Resource Reports that include two or three user defined columns.  These reports can be saved as PDF’s and do not require a PDF writer.
  • Activity Update Form that automatically exports to a customizable Microsoft Excel template.

Customers gain the following benefits from using the Project Success Toolkit:

  • Accurate project schedules that align with the Project Success Method
  • Ability to easily analyze the tasks that are driving key milestones
  • Track tasks based on date commitments instead of percent complete
  • Assign and manage resources without the work impacting task durations
  • Easily report project schedule information to management and team members with preformatted and customizable reports.  These reports can be exported to Microsoft Office Excel or saved as a Portable Format Document (PDF).
  • Resource Update Form that automatically exports to a customizable Microsoft Excel template.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the scope and potential applications of Microsoft Project software in the management of projects.

2. Know the deficiencies of the Microsoft Project and obtain workarounds and replacement functionality for all issues.

3. Accomplish the following tasks:

  • Enter project, activity, precedence, resource, and cost data.
  • Obtain a completed project network, schedule, and critical path.
  • Analyze the schedule and compress project duration.
  • Sort/select project information and generate a project baseline report package.
  • Update schedule progress, analyze the impact, and prepare a project update report package.
  • Overview advanced features of Microsoft Project.

4. Understand the functionality and operation of the Project Success Toolkit for Microsoft Project.

5. Understand the functionality and operation of WBS Schedule Pro.

Program Duration:

1 Day – 8 hours

Program Cost:

$895. per participant; discounts available based on number of participants, instructor availability, and multiple class commitments.

Provided to Class Participants:

1. Complete course notebook, developed by PSI that utilizes the project planning and control techniques taught in PSI’s The Project Success Method’s training program.

2. A USB Flash drive containing:

  • All systems settings, reports and layouts used in the course.
  • Project Success Toolkit for Microsoft Project, a proprietary utility program providing enhanced input, processing, and reporting functionality.
  • WBS Schedule Pro, proprietary network diagramming from Critical Tools Inc.

Target Audience:

This program is designed for prospective users of Microsoft Project. Completion of PSI’s The Project Success Method training program and proficiency in Microsoft Windows are prerequisites for this training.


Project Success Method Class


Currently the class supports Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions


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IN  PERSON  – Atlanta – July 9-10, 2024


Classes include course materials, breakout sessions, and demonstrations.