Project Success Refresher Course

This course focuses on reinforcing participants’ knowledge of the processes, tools and techniques. Additionally, it reinvigorates their enthusiasm and motivation for consistently implementing the Project Success Method.

Target Audience:

This program is designed for Project Success Method practitioners with more than six elapsed months since participating in PSI’s Project Success 101 or Project Success Advanced Techniques. The audience will be limited to no less than fifteen, and no more than thirty participants per session. Participants must have completed two-day program, Project Success 101, to ensure proper understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques of project planning and control.

Description & Learning Objectives:

This course focuses on: (a) reinforcing participants’ knowledge and skills of Project Success Method processes, tools and techniques, (b) providing an opportunity to discuss learning and organizational cultural issues surrounding prior application of the Method, and (c) retooling the motivation of former students in order to ensure enthusiastic, thorough, consistent use of the Method.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Fully and correctly apply Project Success Method processes and techniques to newly assigned projects.
  2. Participate/lead the re-planning of projects that require reorganization/reorientation.
  3. Perform post-audit analysis on previous attempts to apply the Method in order to assess areas where the application could be improved.
  4. Motivate themselves and their teammates to properly apply the processes and techniques.
  5. Provide improved situational analysis of project status and circumstances.
  6. Promote formal team building processes and ensure group decision-making.
Program Duration:

1 Day

Program Cost:

$895 per participant; discounts available
based on number of participants, and multiple
class commitments.

Major Topics:

  • Program Introduction
  • Planning & Control Processes Reviews/Questions
  • Review Exercise/Debrief
  • Case Situation including:
    1. Project Charter
    2. Work Breakdown Structure
    3. Network Development
    4. Duration Estimating
    5. Analysis/Critical Path
    6. Case Situation Debriefs
  • Course Evaluation


Participants must have completed the following PSI training program:

The Project Success Method: A Proven Approach to Superior Project Performance

Our recommendation is that prior attendance have occurred within the last two years, and participants have experience in the successful application of the PSM in several project situations.

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