We enable your team to successfully deliver high-stakes projects

Does this sound like your last project?

  • You had a project timeline but no one believed it was accurate.

  • Team members avoided you and your project meetings.

  • Customers no longer trust you to deliver on your commitments.

  • There wasn’t ownership or commitment among the team.

  • People were confused about what was important and what to work on.

  • The project resulted in lost profits and significantly missed deadlines.

Most teams break trust with their customers because they fail to deliver on commitments for high-stakes projects. With our repeatable process, your teams will be celebrated for consistently delivering on those commitments.

What if you could consistently deliver on project commitments, have schedules you can trust, and complete work faster?

When it comes to high-stakes projects, you want to be confident in your team’s ability to execute. Achieving that confidence happens after you consistently deliver on commitment to customers, whether their internal or external. While that’s the dream, it’s rarely the reality.  Most projects are late. Profit is lost. Quality suffers. Ultimately, trust is broken with your customer. Instead of feeling excited about the work, you and your team feel frustrated, uncertain, and exhausted.

Why? Because most project planning strategies bring anxiety, not relief.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve a project planning strategy that enables your team to successfully and consistently deliver on high-stakes projects. We understand how much is riding on your project and how challenging it is to meet expectations and deadlines. You work with time-tested practitioners, people with long work backgrounds and extensive experience in our framework.  Our project experts average 38 years of work experience and 19 years achieving ideal project results with the proprietary Project Success Method (PSM)sm.

Achieving the project results you want is easier than you think:

  1. Schedule a call. One of our project experts discovers your challenges and how we can help.
  2. Learn the process. In a two-day training program your team will learn the practical, proprietary, Project Success Method (PSM)sm.
  3. Deliver results. Implement the PSM and consistently deliver the results you want.

This isn’t just for one industry.  Our clients range from global sporting events to heavy machinery to consumer goods.  If you have a project, we help you make it successful. So talk to an expert today and in the meantime, download Shifting the Worry Curve now. Say goodbye to failed projects and hello to delivering on commitments, growing profit, shortening cycle times, and learning a process that works every time.

We aren't just another project management company.

We teach your team a proven, repeatable project strategy method you can use long after we're gone. In other words, we work ourselves out of a job.

→  A simple and pragmatic approach

→  Fits any industry and existing processes

→  Hands-on support to implement

→  On board your team and plan your 1st project in just 5 days

→  Software-agnostic

We’ve helped a lot of people just like you!


Our experts are experienced professionals!

Years of work experience
Years using Project Success Method
% have advanced degrees
  • “I have used the Project Success Method for over 20 years on all types of projects, including major acquisitions, global outsourcing, rapid product development, corporate systems migrations, and green initiatives.  It’s top-down approach to planning and critical-issues focus during the control process provide you with a means to manage very complex projects in a relatively simple, straightforward manner.  Whether you have a small project in a business start-up or a portfolio of projects in a Fortune 500 company, the Project Success Method will help you complete them on time, within budget and to quality specifications.”

    John Liddell Former Senior Vice President, Corporate Project Management, CB Richard Ellis
  • “I’d just like to underscore the tremendous versatility of the Project Success Method.  I’ve used it on 400-person projects and twelve person projects.  I’ve used it in Fortune 500 corporate environments and entrepreneurial start-ups.  I’ve used it on highly technical projects and in business projects, such as rolling out a new advertising campaign or a new company benefits plan.  It’s worked for me time and time again, and I owe much of my success to PSI and the Project Success Method.”

    Don Miller Ph.D. Northrop Grumman (retired)
  • “The Project Success Method has proven itself to be a valuable tool in managing a complex, multigenerational product development program with 100+ design, development, manufacturing, and support teams providing input to the Motor Grader Monarch program.  The ability to visualize the full scope of the program, identify the numerous dependencies, and understand the “Critical Path” was crucial to the success of the program.  The periodic updates allowed management to anticipate constraints and then adjust priorities and resources to meet the demanding program schedule.”

    Don Stamberger Motor Grader Project Manager, Caterpillar Inc. (Retired)
  • “The (Project Success Method) Worry Curve gets the worrying out of the way early in the project, not when it’s too late to do something about it and all you can do is throw money at it.  (The Project Success Method) really changed my life.”

    Ken Gwinner Former Senior Vice President of Planning, Architecture and Construction, Turner Properties, Inc.

Achieving project confidence is easy.

What is the Project Success Method?®

→ Proven – it works for all of your projects

→ Collaborative – everyone buys in

→ Actionable – your team implements fast

→ Committed – people follow through on their assignments

The benefits of using the Project Success Method vs Agile vs Waterfall Project Management.

The Project Success Method was Agile before Agile existed!

PSI has been implementing team driven planning with near-term activity durations of only 1-2 weeks and recommending continuous improvement of the project plan through weekly/bi-weekly updates since 1983 – Agile was not developed until the early 2000’s.

PSI and the Project Success Method, Training and Consulting Team, are lead by CEO Clint Padgett. Clint is a Georgia Institute of Technology and Duke University graduate. He has trained thousands of executives and managed (consulting) hundreds of projects globally. Clint is the author of two books on project management and is a Forbes Speaker Charter Member, Forbes Thought Leader, and Forbes Author.


Want to learn how to avoid the Panic Phase on your project?

Download our FREE primer that discusses the typical project Worry Curve and how to shift it so that your team avoids the expensive and quality-limiting Panic Phase.  Insights include:

Download Shifting the Worry Curve now!

Shift the Worry Curve

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